Our Guide to Warm Winter Wellies

Warm winter wellies

Neoprene lined wellies are the WARMEST and most COMFORTABLE wellies on the market

Lots of people suffer from cold feet in their wellies, but the good news is, with our fantastic selection of insulated wellington boots there's now absolutely no need to. Tried and tested by members of the Welly Warehouse team, we have a variety of warm winter wellies to keep you comfortable, warm and dry throughout the very depths of winter, right down to subzero temperatures.


Neoprene is used extensively in wellies these days as an insulating material. The same material used to make wetsuits, neoprene is filled with millions of tiny air bubbles that trap a layer of warm air next to your skin, and therefore keep you warm. The thicker the neoprene inside your wellies, the more effective the insulation against the cold will be. It's also therefore vital that you select a boot that's going to fit you properly - if it's too wide around the top of the leg then all the warm air will escape and you'll feel none of the benefit.

There are two main options when it comes to neoprene wellies. Many brands produce traditional rubber boots incorporating a full neoprene lining, while others, such as Muck Boots, Grubs and Bogs, have created a new range of waterproof neoprene boots which as well as offering extra warmth, also offer the comfort and stretch of the neoprene upper. These styles are particularly useful for those with wider calves that sometimes find traditional wellingtons too restrictive, or simply can't find a wide enough boot to fit at all.