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Neoprene / Insulated

If you suffer from cold feet in your wellies, then this is the section for you! We offer an extensive range of neoprene lined and waterproof neoprene wellies for women that will keep your feet warm in even the most extreme conditions. Neoprene lined wellingtons have grown in popularity over the last ten years as word has spread about the fantastic insulating properties of neoprene as a lining in wellies, designed to keep you warm down to arctic temperatures as low as -40C. Essentially the same material that is used to make wetsuits, neoprene traps bubbles of warm air inside, keeping your feet and legs warm even when you're standing or sitting still for long periods of time in the cold. With styles on offer from all the leading welly brands including Le Chameau, Hunter, Aigle and Muck Boots to name just a few, our range of quality women's neoprene wellingtons offers a wide range of styles, colours and patterns to appeal to everyone.

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